Boot Camp Coaching: Manifesting vs. Doing

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One of the 4 jobs I currently do is Life Coaching. I got into it a few years ago because of my master coach. She inspired me because her approach was so much about doing. There was always homework, always actions I had to be proving. It made a lot of sense to me. I had previously spoken to life coaches who did a lot with manifesting, writing things down, meditating. It just wasn’t my thing, it works for some people, but at the end of the day (and I am fully aware I may get some heat for this), the only thing that gets you results is DOING!

Yes, I read “The Secret” back in the day, I made a manifesting/dream board or whatever it was called. Guess what, it didn’t work, getting off my ass and working my ass off worked! A dream board helps with one thing, it acts as your task list. I will tell my clients to make them only as a task list because I for one am an image person, so I will have people make it in a checklist format. My way of coaching is in boot camp style. I am a realist. I do not believe in meditation, I do not believe in consistently talking about your problems. I work with your personal issues within the first month you work with me and then…WE TAKE ACTION! If you are rolling your eyes right now and thinking I am being judgy or harsh, I am not. Let me be clear on one thing, I never form an opinion or voice my convictions unless I have experienced what I am talking about. People come to work with me on their lives and careers because they want to see results and they are tired of trying to manifest what they want to happen. Get out and do it, don’t be afraid to fail. In fact I want you to fail so that you can see what it feels like and show yourself your a badass mother fucker who doesn’t take no for an answer.

My approach doesn’t work for everyone, but for those that like this bootcamp, no bullshit, realistic approach, it works wonders, it builds confidence, it turns you into someone who doesn’t have fears or a bunch of insecurities. You turn into a boss. I am not just saying this, I know this, because I once had a lot of fears, but I don’t anymore. If I want something I go get it, all in legal positive ways obviously!!! I knew what some of you might have been thinking, NO, I wouldn’t rob a bank if I wanted money, turn off that damn movie mind!

You want a new job, you hate Mondays? Go out and find your dream job, fucking work for it. Easier said than done right? Well if you want easy, go move to Costa Rica, because life and getting what you want isn’t easy, but I personally think that’s what makes it fun. That’s also something I teach, the thrill, the excitement and satisfaction of getting what you want through all the blood and sweat. It truly makes you feel like a badass. You want that vacation? Go out and fucking get it, do the research, make calls, get friendly over the phone with the front desk of the hotel, keep calling, find those deals. It will happen. You want that house? Go get your credit looking flawless, get that loan, make your bank trust your hustle. You want kids? Oh I hear the excuses already, this is the one thing I constantly hear about when I work with both single men and women. YES, with the men as well. I am just going to throw out a list and you can do the research. Adoption, cryobanks, surrogates, dating… I despise whining and feeling sorry for yourself, go get it if you want it!

I am happy to help be a trainer so to speak, a life coach, your bootcamp instructor, mentor or whatever terms makes you feel more comfortable. I want a real life approach to how you become happy, badass and successful. So your yoga and meditation might be helping your mood and you should definitely keep doing it, but come to me for the action in the lists and manifesting you have been doing, I want to see these lists sweat!

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Orgasms & Ice Cream Parlors...

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The title caught you off guard right?! GOOD! What more do you need when you are single AF? Oh you think you need a companion to make you feel content? Not necessarily. A good vibrator does the trick just fine. It doesn’t argue, it’s never late, it doesn’t climax first (or ever for that matter), you don’t have to cuddle…you get my drift. Ok so it doesn’t cook or clean, or make you a cocktail after a long day, but let’s be honest, are there many companions out there that do that for you when you come home from a long day?

So the point here is, if you want something, fucking go and get it yourself. You want an orgasm, great go get it, there are plenty of amazing vibrators and toys on the market that will keep you ever so satisfied. You want a kid? You have many options right in front of you! Ya I know I didn’t believe it myself and Men this means you as well. There are plenty of great sperm donors and surrogates for that dude desperate to be a Dad, but just hasn’t found the right girl. I have a plan in life and I don’t let anything get in the way of my plan. Unfortunately not everyone is down for your plan and dating can get in the way big time and prolong what you truly want.

The cryobanks are no joke. I found out about them from a very prominent fertility doctor while playing with the idea of getting my eggs frozen. Come to find out that I have a lot of eggs and freezing them would cost an arm and a leg…So no thanks, I don’t need to put those little fellas on ice just yet, but I am having quite the hay day checking out all the eligible sperm donors that I never ever have to deal with and low and behold they will provide me with a little baby. It’s like going to the ice cream parlor. Don’t know what flavor you want? Are you feeling like strawberry, a little swirl of chocolate and some caramel syrup? Well you are in luck, the cryobank provides you with pretty much anything you are looking for, even better than the ice cream parlor, you get straight down to the DNA specifics!

WOW! I know you mind is blown right now, you don’t have to hide it, I bet some of you have even gone straight to the California Cryobank website, maybe even registered to take a deeper look. It’s cool, I am not judging at all!

Have fun hunting for your perfect flavor…Stresses be gone!