Unconventional or Over The Top


My Mom was just in town for almost two weeks. You are probably thinking, damn you must have just raged Mollie. No I didn’t, in fact I didn’t go out once. Everyone had plans or was out of town, etc. It pissed me off at first as though I was missing out, I had this free “Grandma Babysitter” right here, but then I realized I really wasn’t missing a thing. I worked during the day, I spent time with my family and I got some really good exercise in for my upcoming Holiday trip where I will be spending the majority of time in a swimsuit. I wouldn’t say I ever over do it anymore, sometimes it’s just nice to go out and socialize a bit. I stopped any type of partying well before I even got pregnant. Please note that I am not at all trying to preach that I am better than anyone, but as I have gotten older, into my 30’s, I am realizing that there are certain things that people do that just aren’t attractive to me whether they are a friend, family or a potential love interest. I am specifically talking about PARTYING!

I know I know, stop being judgy Mollie. I personally don’t think that I am. I have read too many things about what happens to your body as you get older and how the partying will, undoubtedly, catch up with you, which is why I stopped a long time ago. I have had to revamp my friend circle quite a bit because of the bad habits that were leaching into their demeanors and actions towards me and their own lives. The other thing I have a hard time with is parents who are still partying their asses off. I am not talking about the occasional night out and one too many drinks or the end of the night, your kids are in best and you want to take some of that good CBD made from Marijuana that you got in Cali to help you relax and hopefully give you 6 hours of sleep. No, those are what I like to call the “unconventionally normal” ways of life and adulting. I am talking about the parents that are still constantly smoking cigarettes and then touching their children, or the parents that are still constantly doing hard drugs. WHY DID YOU HAVE KIDS? Aren’t you supposed to be over that part of your life by the time you have them. These are parents who planned having their kids, I didn’t even plan having my kid. Let me remind you that most of this is just my opinion but I will throw you some facts at the end with some goo reading material to try and prove my point.

I get judge a lot on my appearance and the fact that I am a single mother. I have tattoos all over my body and I am certainly not done getting myself inked, I wear some outrageous outfits on occasion and I speak my mind. “Mollie must be doing all the other bad things that we would assume a tattooed, cursing pirate mouth, single mom with a bastard child would be doing.” Well my friends, you guessed wrong. I am probably one of the most innocent in most of my friend circles.

Third Hand Smoke

There are many more articles like this one. Just google it.

I am not sitting here telling you that I think you need to grow up and be frigid, boring human being. I just don’t think a lot of people are aware or educated enough on the health risks they are taking for themselves and most importantly their children. I have a family member who was affected late in her life by exactly what I am talking about. People making poor choices around her. If you are one of these people still making really unhealthy choices into your 30’s and 40’s and you have families just know you are posing a health risk on them later in life. If you happen to be getting offended by this post than it’s pretty clear you need to make some changes. This isn’t just about smoking, it’s about drugs as well. If you are sitting around snorting cocaine, even if it’s outside the house and it gets on your close and then you come home, you touch your child or your toys and “oh shit” it gets on your kids stuff. Not a good deal. I know a couple of people who have had their children reach into their persons and pull something out that they were supposed too. I won’t go into anymore detail than that. Be smart you, you made a choice to have children which means your hardcore party days and disgusting bad habits should be a distant memory.

I say all of this with love! xo