I'll except the rose if you let me sip my Martini in peace...

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I recently posed a question on my Facebook on whether or not I was too old to be on "The Bachelor".  I already knew the answer, ladies in their 30's can apply and I am only 31, I really don't consider that old yet.  You would be surprised how many Women consider them selves old once they hit their 30's.  Bitch!  If you consider yourself old at 30 then it sounds like you are going to be throwing dirt on yourself in your own grave that YOU dug yourself by the time you are 60!  Relax, you aren't old yet!  There was obviously sarcasm when I posed the question and why am I applying for "The Bachelor" you might ask?  Well I am really not comfortable with dating sites and dating hasn't really worked out very well for me organically so I look at going on a dating show as a win win.  Two wins because, it will give me a platform for people to see me around the world and shit, if I win then I found love, something I am not sure is going to ever happen and then I will have to go start writing my next book "Married AF".  I mean really what do I have to lose...NOTHING!  Cross your fingers I hope they pick me because I really want to stir shit up ;)

I recently wrote a post for a track on the music blog that I own called Et Musique Pour Tous.  It touched on the whole subject of Metoo, something that the world is finally taking notice on, that being sexual harassment.  It's crazy it has taken this long, but the good news is something is being done.  I have been a victim of sexual harassment and rape, it is something I had to bottle up for a very long time, but I got through it and was able to talk about it years ago and again in my book.  I have noticed though that many people aren't taking this so seriously.  I was out at an Italian restaurant/bar that I have been frequenting for years now, just got off work and wanted an hour or so to myself to just have a martini and eat some food.  Immediately I am bombarded by a Man who has clearly had a couple of drinks, is very touchy feely and puts his hand on my shouldn't before even introducing himself.  Now listen, this guy wasn't creepy, it wasn't really about that, but you know those touchy feely people I am talking about.  So he kept talking to me and kept placing his hands on my shoulder or touching my arm, not in an inappropriate sexual way, but touching me non the less.  I finally turned to him and asked him to stop touching me and that I don't like to be touched which is very true, I am kind of a weirdo with intimacy even with people I am close with, but I try not to be.  He apologized, but it didn't stop him, he kept doing it, so I had to mention it again and finally pick up my phone as though I was doing something important so that he would walk away and find someone else to bother.

Now I don't consider that sexual harassment, but it's obvious that people need to be more considerate.  Some people wouldn't have told this guy to stop touching them at all, some people would have smacked him clear across the face and some would have taken it in a much more sensitive way than I did.  I know how to use my words at this point in my life and I encourage you all to do so as well.  Don't ever worry about hurting someones feelings by making sure that you are feeling safe and comfortable.  Set your boundaries right off the bat with people and you may have to repeat yourself a few times, but eventually that person will get the message or you can tell them to FUCK OFF.  For real though, if people aren't hearing you after you have politely set your boundaries, you have the absolute right to tell them to FUCK OFF.  Ladies are guilty of doing this as well, although I don't know many Men who are offended by a girl getting touchy feely with them.  In fact I am very interested to hear from Men about how they feel about this.  I know plenty of Men who have felt violated, I don't believe this only pertains to Women, but I hope you guys out there are reading this because I like to hear opinions from both sides of the spectrum.  Don't be afraid to comment or email me at mollie@singleafworld.com.

Ok, well that's my piece for today, my life is chaos right now, but good chaos so I gotta run out now.  Don't forget to follow me on instagram @mollieerin14 and follow me on twitter @singleafworld.