Frozen: 6 feet deep of mixed messages

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Those of you with kids know that any tv show or movie they take a liking to you are probably going to watch more than 30 times in the span of a year.  I have watched Frozen over 30 times know, I can pretty much recite every song, every line and I know everything that is going to happen at every corner.  It's the one movie out of many of the new ones of my daughter's generation that seems to bother me a lot.  Don't get me wrong, I love the music and I enjoy some of the characters, but the message is a little fucked up.  Sure, if you think back to the Disney movies we all used to watch back in the 80's and 90's there was some fucked up stuff going on in those as well, (mostly the people creating the films tripping on acid and other drugs drawing things into the scenes that you had to look really hard to see..Also lots of parents dying in the beginning of a lot of those movies, but we can get into that another time.)  

Frozen in particular seems messed up because it's basically saying, "Hey, if you have a problem, shut everyone out!"  Damn if that were the way life really worked we would all be living in our own bunkers under ground, might not be so bad to have to deal with the assholes of the world, but that's just not the way life works.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I have an exceptionally smart kid, she is extremely intuitive.  I might as well be letting her watch rated R movies, (I do sometimes.)  So she is asking me every time we watch it, why Elsa is so sad all the time and why isn't she talking to her sister Anna, and why is she walking alone, blah blah blah..LOTS OF QUESTIONS.  I totally don't mind answering these questions honestly.  I am not the parent who is EVER going to beat around the bush with my kid.  She is 2 1/2 and she already knows where babies come from.  They grow in the belly and come out the vagina.  She doesn't know how they are made, I figure she will find out in kindergarten, believe me there are worse things she could find out so don't get yourself all crazy about it!  

Family is a big deal, kids shouldn't think that they can just shut whomever they want out of their lives because they have an issue they cannot figure out how to deal with.  "Conceal it don't feel it", tell me something I don't know Elsa, if I had a dollar for every time, HA!  If I was Anna, I would have been like fuck it Elsa, stay in your ice castle like the frigid selfish bitch that you are.  The one thing you have to lean on in this life, the only people that will truly be there for you no matter what the issue, is your family.  I guess Elsa ends up realizing this in the end, but damn it takes the whole movie of Anna almost dying because her sister can't get it together.  Hmmmm, drug addict?  If you don't understand the reference, never mind, move on.  Oh ya and speaking of lots of death in the first Disney movies that came out years ago, Elsa and Anna's parents die at the beginning of this one too.  Can these movies stop killing the parents please.  This happens a lot in Disney movies and I don't quite understand the obsession with death.  Think about it for a second.  Bambi, The Little Mermaid didn't have a Mom, Cinderella didn't have a Mom, Sleeping Beauty didn't have a Mom, the list goes on.  Weird right?  I didn't realize this until I got much older, like basically into my late 20's.

Food for thought.  What is really the difference in letting your kid watch a rated R movie or a PG movie that is sending mixed messages where my kid is going to be asking me if I am going to die every time I leave on a trip with out her.  I know I know, DRAMATIC, I am actually giggling, I truly love all of these movies and I am happy I get to live vicariously through my kid everyday and sing all the music at the top of my lungs!! Until next time, enjoy your Saturday :)