Single AF Bachelorette

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The majority of this world watched a reality show or two.  Some don't want to admit it, but let's be honest, you know you have.  Don't worry, I am not going to talk about all the reality shows I love to watch and hate to love!  However, one show in particular brought up the one thing I don't focus on at all as a single lady...surprisingly!

So I got sucked into that horrible show that we hate to love, love to hate, however you want to put it, "Bachelor In Paradise"! I know I know, I never wanted to watch it because I knew what would happen, I would get sucked into the entertaining dumb drama, but alas I got sucked in, don't judge me!  Watching these idiots "fall in love" after knowing someone a week is ridiculous to me, but seeing the stress, anxiety and all the butterflies these people are feeling at such a high intensity level made me feel all those things again for them or for myself or for the fact that I don't like those feelings, at least not right now.  Why you might ask?  Because think about it, those feelings take over EVERYTHING!  Sure, if you are lucky enough to be basking on a resort everyday getting to know someone without the worries of the rest of your life, all the responsibilities we normally have while dealing with a new relationship, then of course it makes it easier, but let's be honest... Most of us don't have the luxury of dating on a match making reality show.  

I have too much to worry about then to let those feelings overcome all the things I am supposed to be focusing on, especially my number one priority, my daughter.  Ideally I would love to meet a person who is in exactly the mindset and position in life where they are confident with who they are, completely over the "playboy" lifestyle and not dragging any drama with them.  Easier said then done, LET A GIRL DREAM!  I have dated all the worst people, I think I dated one nice guy right out of high school, but he didn't have much drive in my opinion, he followed me around like a puppy dog and some girls might like that, but I didn't.  All the rest we needy or mean, liars, cheaters, the list goes on.  I am ready for a real man!  Are you out there, hello, I am here waiting, come on over you sexy perfect beast!  

My point is, for all the hardworking, badass, independent Women that don't need the validation from a relationship, there just isn't time for anything that is going to get in the way.  So for those of you independent, badass, confident Women who have found the perfect man that compliments you and doesn't stress you out, allows you to be a boss, can you send one my way please because this bitch has no time for anything that's going to get in the way of my success! I know too many ladies that let their relationships get in the way of the things in life that they need to be focusing on.  Boss bitches have no time for that crap, get it together, because I truly believe that the best Men or Women (whatever your preference), want strong independent Women to rule the world with like King and Queen.  You might say I am dreaming, but my reality will come true one day and I cannot wait to say, "I TOLD YOU SO!"